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July 24, 2005



THANK YOU for the honesty! People w/o intense children don't know how much of an emotional drain they can put on you. Sometimes ya gotta vent!

Best of luck. Do remember, you have those purse strings - a good tug never hurts as a response to rude behavior.


This, too, shall pass. Take a deep breath and pass the Calgon. My 19 year old is a boy (who thinks I am pretty stupid, but usually just rolls his eyes), but the 13 year old daughter still loves me. I'm pretty sure all girls go through this, although I never called my mother a bitch, I must have muttered it under my breath quite a few times. Her hearing has improved markedly since then. I'm grateful that she doesn't throw these things back at me, now. My one piece of advice? Grow a really poor memory of this time and this behaviour. As I said, this, too, shall pass. Good luck,

Karen W.

Now you know why I was crying when we went out for dinner, "I can't wait till my kids get out of the house!" Nobdy deserves that kind of abuse, over, what did you say, a water bottle???? But I bet there must have been a bigger issue underlying all that anger that she is not telling you about. Maybe it is the anxiety over the course. Anyway, Leah has decided to finish school at a specialized art institute in Ft. Lauderdale! I think it is a good decision and it will work for her YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My 20 yr old daughter just moved out (please God let it me for good) and life is SO much better. I know what I'm going to say is MUCH easier said than done, but girl, whose house is it anyway? If she can dish it out, maybe it's about time you gave it right back to her. You don't deserve to be treated this way, but only you can stop it.


Right, such a loser. :) HA!

All I can say is: WOW. That is quite a lot of venom! Hope you can make it to August.


Take a deep breath. Repeat after me: it will get better, it will get better....
I called my mother a "bitch" once. I still hate myself for it. I am now a (mostly) rational adult human being. She will love again (eventually).


Oh wow. I would have to say that she needs to get a serious grip!

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