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January 25, 2005



Love your Clapotis! Hate to tell you, but the Artyarns Merino won't do the running ladder trick either - it also sticks every inch or so. Guess it's a wool thing. I agree that this would make a nice spring wrap and may take your idea of finding a light colorway - maybe a polished cotton or silk blend to get that cheap thrill we're seeking ;)

I'm a sucker for anything Noro, but I agree, sometimes you have to excise a color. Had a stretch of partially dyed bit in every ball of an overall dark reddish color. Left it in the first ball and still hate it because it looks like bits of carpet fuzz in the final felted bag - took it out of the remaining balls.

Ball winding get much easier with practice, but that Segue would be a bear for anyone.

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