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November 03, 2004


blue balaclava

Oh, yes, theme music:

"The Red Blues", from Silk Stockings by Cole Porter.

"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away", The Beatles.

blue balaclava

I lazed around at my yarn/coffee shop, all summer, like Norm at the bars on CHEERS; I liked the quiet, and the conversation.

I got up from my chair to volunteer for the campaign, and I hoped it meant waking up in a better-run country. On Wednesday, I came home, went to bed and cried.

Yesterday, I took my butt down to the yarn shop, for a black-and-white cookie and some soy milk, and some quiet mourning. However, I shared bitterness with a bunch of ladies, just as pissed as I was. All of us knew how heartbroken we, and others like us, were, and we argued about what to do next while finishing hats and scarves.

We abide. We survive. We are moral and compassionate and defiant, and we will win. Just not now, in the highest position.

Still, our state got Senator Salazar, and a Democratic State House and Senate, so it was not all in vain. But 2006: Governor Udall. [He visited headquarters on Election Day, and he's: Super Hunky. ;) ]


I'm with you too. It's really hard not to completely give in to the depression - OK, I pretty much just moped today. But tomorrow, and the next 4 years, I think I'm going to try and be more proactive for the DNC at least locally.


I was very sad today, too. I had to explain to my NYC students that they are in the minority of "moral values". The map of the electoral votes said it all. I worry about the equal rights of all from women to non-Christians to those of different sexual orientation. It really scares me to think of the future of our country. How many more "kids" have to die for Bush's stupid "look-at-me-I-am-powerful" (NOT) war. Send Barbara and Jenna and see how fast we'll pull out of Iraq. A very big sigh!


Scary thing is, I think this DOES mean that some people's version of morality includes hatred of gays (anti-marriage) and women (anti-abortion) and foreigners (war). That this election seems to have been won based on fear and hate and then labeled as "morality" has me absolutely dumbfounded. I honestly do not know what to do with myself, and I am so very very very sad.


Thanks for making me feel less alone. I feel so hopeless about the whole situation here. What's next? I don't want to know. Yep, we've already discussed Canada, too. How can it come to this?

Focusing on knitting for the next *4* years? Hope it will keep me sane, safe, and help me focus that there are good people still out there...

I consider myself moral; exactly why I *didn't* vote for Bush.

Debra (in Reno, NV)


It's only going to get worse. There's going to be an even larger Republican majority in the Senate. There's speculation that Justice Rehnquist's cancer is terminal; most of the justices are o-l-d. Civil liberties are being eroded; Roe v. Wade is in peril.

Canada is looking better and better.

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