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November 19, 2004



You look super in the sweater! I like it...enjoy!


The drape of the bust line and the bunching under the sleeves is definitely just part of the design -- not your execution. This is the reason the model in the book was a waif! General rule of thumb -- garments made of square pieces only look good on waifs and curve-free folks. If you have curves, your garment pieces probably should too! Examples of square-piece sweaters: Klaralund, drop shoulder sweaters, modified drop shoulder sweaters. For curve-friendly sweaters, look for set-in sleeves and shaped shoulders or raglan sleeves. Knitting and seaming curve-friendly sweaters is more work, but generally the results are more wearable.

All that said -- Klaralund is a lovely lovely project. It's a fun and easy knit. And despite the fact that it doesn't look perfect on many folks, there's something flattering about it on almost everyone. I think the colors and the v-neck are very flattering on you! Wear it with pride!


Very very pretty! Looks awesome!


I think it looks wonderful on you! Better even than on some of the thinner ladies I have seen it on. If you notice, that front seam also dips on the model in the instructions. As for sleeve bunching, it is the shape of the armhole that causes it. If you don't want any bunching, you pretty much have to have fitted sleeves or raglan sleeves. Any other shape is going to have some bunching. Oh, and if you wash it, do it gently by hand and air dry. The yarn will soften up. Some ladies were purposely felting their by washing it in the machine, but that WILL make it tighter across the tummy. They were doing it to make it shrink down some. Ignore the mirror and take another look at the photo. Looks lovely on you.


it looks like a drean on you, nose up and wear it proudly!!!!! :)


I think it looks FABULOUS!! I love the colors, and the fit looks great, you're talkin' crazy talk!

Julie Y

I think it looks fabu on you. Don't be so hard on yourself. Love the colors. The outside seam has to go, though. P.S. I want your hair.


Hogwash! Your Klaralund looks great on you! Beautiful colors!


Congratulations on finishing your Klaralund. AND, it looks wonderful on *you*. Wasn't it fun to knit? That's not to say it doesn't look great on your son. :-)


You look great in your new sweater but for what it's worth, on your question about sleeves bunching, maybe you could try to do fitted sleeves.


It looks fabulous on you.The colours are great for you - lovely and bright to match your smile.It really does look great.


I think it looks better on you. Congrats on the FO!


For what it's worth, I think you look great in your Klaralund. I hope, if I ever get around to making one of my own, it will look as nice on me.

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