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October 14, 2004


Wendy G

Good luck in the tournament Saturday!


wow, a kerry '08 button, i would love to have something like that! it's pure genius :) (although, in '08 i'm hoping that a. we'll be in a much better place and b. we'll have a candidate that i'm truly and completely in favor of, not just... someone i dont hate, mostly because he's not bush.

my ex boyfriend competes in tae kwon do tournaments regularly, and he black-belt tested last year, it's excelent stuff! congradulations and best of luck to you :)


Wow! The Klaralunds are very pretty.

Best wishes in the tournament!

And, I think you were mistaken about GW Bush being the absolute worst of the worst. I thought that title went to Cheney....

It is hard to decide though.

Best regards,

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