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June 02, 2004


Petro van Rooyen

I am looking for a knitting pattern of a soft toy, Puss-in-Boots. Could you help me?! Many thanks.
Petro van Rooyen

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My kids watch this over and over again and they wouldn't get tired of watching it.

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Alright! This reminds me of the recent activity.

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Could you run that by me again?I've gotta catch the bus

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Hi all,

my friend told me about this forum so i decided to sign up.

hopefully i can participate in some lively discussions here!

looking forward to talking to you all. :)


Very nice site. Will sure visit again.
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Hi, tolle Page, tolles Design und super gemacht, echt klasse...freue mich!


allo je le touve sublime le chat botter et la fasson de parler (love):P :) ;)


I came across your website quite by accident and was taken by what you wrote regarding not only the preparations for preparing a bar/bat mitzvah but the enormous undertakings it is for the young adult. I am planning my daughters' bat mitzvah May 2005 and I can certainly relate. She is studying very hard, memorizing, and reading from the torah without transliterations. I can only say from one mother to another "I am so proud".
Eileen from Florida
P. S. I came across your website because I was looking for ideas for shrek centerpieces for a 4 year old birthday party.


i want to knit my little girl a "shrek" sweater or cardigan - can anyone advise me on where to get a pattern?! please!


i want to knit my little girl a "shrek" sweater or cardigan - can anyone advise me on where to get a pattern?! please!


Waiting for the report on the Bar Mitzvah! Having recently attended the Bar Mitzvah of a young relative and his sister's Bas Mitzvah two years ago, I must agree on what a difference all the preparation and study made in the lives of those young people. Like Sharon said, the poise with which they carried themselves was amazing to me, who only sees them once a year or so and it seems like they went from babies BOOM to young adults. And the parties! My six year old DD was priveleged to be among the few little kids who were invited and boy did she have a ball! In fact, everyone did, from age 3 to age 83, everyone was up dancing and having fun.


Amen. This experience was a pivotal turning point for all three of my kids. While they didn't suddenly become "adults," they did make a leap in the way they saw themselves, and in their ability to present themselves in a poised manner to the adult community. The planning is horrendous, but it's also incredibly gratifying. You will remember this always. Mazel Tov!

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