> Finished Objects

J-Daughter Models the Ribbon Triangles Shawl
Zack in Kim's Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Thrummed Moebius
Maxwell Socks
Ruffles Scarf
Mountain Colors Treasure Bag
Adorable Felted Purse for my 12-YO!
Close-up of Clapotis #3
Clapotis #3 Stretches Can't Even Fit All The Way Across The Back of The Sofa
Introducing Clapotis #3
Close-up of Clapotis #2
J-Daughter in Clapotis #2
My Silk Garden Clapotis on display at Karma Knitting
Clapotis on my Black Wool Coat
Clapotis on the Floor
Angora Baby Booties and Hat for Aden
Manos and Baby Monkey Scarf
Manos and Baby Monkey Hat
Two Ribbed Scarves in Baby Alpaca
Hot Pink Balaclava
Prism Cool Stuff Triangle Scarflet
Second French Market Bag
My first Booga Bag
French Market Bag
Who is that Kid in the Klaralund?
The Twin Peaks Shawl
The Bar Mitzvah Scarf
Me, modeling Charlotte from the back
Charlotte, All Done!
Giotto Moebius
J-Daughter models the MultiYarn Scarf
J-Daughter modeling the MultiYarn Scarf
Close-up of the MultiYarn Scarf
J-Daughter wrapped in the MultiYarn Scarf
Cool Stuff Sideways Scarf
My first pair of hand-knit socks!
Me in my MTAS
Koigu Swirl Baby Hat, Top View
Koigu Swirl Baby Hat, Side View
Deep Eggplant Ribbed Scarf
Close-up of the Knitting Basket Scarf
Knitting Basket Scarf
Knitting Basket
Felted Mittens
ChicKnits Bottoms Up Hat