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100 Things About Me... in no meaningful order at all... (and not yet done)

1. I take Prevacid every morning.
2. I had a black cat named Happy when I was a kid and he was my best friend in the world.
3. I didn't like dogs until I was 40 years old.
4. I was born at Caledonian Hospital in Flushing, NY.
5. I burn almost everything I cook.
6. I know how to make delicious challah using a bread machine.
7. I was a Linguistics major in college.
8. I almost applied to Hebrew Union College to become a rabbi.
9. I carried rubrum lilies in my wedding bouquet.
10. I have thick, curly hair that is VERY gray, but I have it professionally colored, and blow-dry and iron it straight almost every day.
11. I can count to ten in English, French, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, and Korean.
12. I am a good knitter. Not a great knitter, but a good one.
13. I can't tell a story without giving you the whole background of everything that came before it.
14. I am a very good speller.
15. My first baby was an emergency C-section.
16. She was frank breech (butt down) but that wasn't discovered until after MANY hours of labor.
17. My other 2 kids were VBAC deliveries.
18. I used to be a La Leche League leader.
19. I am not a good sleeper.
20. I once visited Maharishi University in Iowa.
21. I tend to vomit way too easily.
22. I have had prolotherapy (look it up) several times.
23. I had a fungal infection underneath my right big toenail for a long time.
24. I love having a clean house.
25. I hate cleaning.
26. I own ALOT of books.
27. Spiders don't scare me as much as they used to.
28. I've never been to the opera.
29. I've never been to Europe or Israel.
30. I think I'd like to go to the opera.
31. And Europe.
32. And definitely Israel.
33. I love makeup and jewelry.
34. I have taught myself not to wear too much of either.
35. I love purses. (Like really... way too much...)
36. I earned my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 2005.
37. In January of 2006, I received the Black Belt of the Year award from the manager of my Tae Kwon Do School. What an honor!
38. I am better at "handyman" things than my husband.
39. I am learning about hockey.
40. I grew up in Pittsburgh during the Steelers heyday and never went to, or even watched, an NFL game.
41. I have made 3 Clapotises already and have another one OTK.
42. When I choose yarn, I go as much (or more) by feel than by color.


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